Diverse Clients

Quantum’s clients are predominately government, financial institutions, not-for-profits  and small to medium commercial enterprises.

Consulting solutions are tailored to suit the size of individual clients. Smaller clients do not have the resources to implement complex solutions. Therefore, we aim to provide practical solutions that will meet the need but not burden the organisation with time-consuming and costly solutions.

Quantum’s consultants come from diverse backgrounds including government, engineering, banking, superannuation, accounting and audit. This gives us a head start in understanding the nature of the business. Our consultants can draw upon experience in similar organisations or experience from other industries that can be successfully applied in a different industry.

Client comments

The quality of service provided by Quantum Assurance is highly regarded and the effectiveness of the internal audit function has improved immensely since Quantum Assurance replaced the previous internal audit contractor” – Government client.

There was no fuss made about doing the job. The breadth of the job was grasped immediately and it was not made more complicated than required” – Government client.

I would like to thank you so much for your help with this, we received a letter early this week saying that we had made the deadline and the further funding requested was to be paid to the University to finish the remainder of the project” – University client.

Thanks for arranging for Quantum to undertake the external quality assessment. I found the whole exercise to be very useful and I will action the assessment’s recommendations in due course” – Quality Assessment of Internal Audit client.

Retrospectively it has been a great experience for us in that it has validated so much of our work. As an organisation we have often discussed accreditation but limited resources have prevented us prioritising this. It was good to hear we are on the right track and that if we choose to go down this path in the future that we are well on the way” – Not-for-Profit Organisation client.